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 Men Under Fire Road Trip!!

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Men Under Fire Road Trip!! Empty
PostSubject: Men Under Fire Road Trip!!   Men Under Fire Road Trip!! Icon_minitimeSun May 08, 2011 12:25 am

There has been a lot of talk about MUF going to PAX Prime this year, and let me start by confirming that we are indeed going to PAX Prime on a 5 day road trip. PAX Prime is the civilian equivalent to the E3 Expo, and anyone who comes can expect to see a LOT of hands on demos, previews for unannounced games, and a lot of major game company reveals, including future hardware. Unfortunately, tickets are going very fast this year, and the ticket price will have to be paid before the end of the month in order to, for certain, secure your position on this trip. The budget is looking like this.

Budget per Individual.
Tickets (Due by the end of May): $115.00
Gas: $100.00 (This is per person, and will cover your entire travel, MUF is providing transportation.)
Hotel Charge: $150.00 (This covers your entire stay in Washington, yes, the whole thing.)
Food: This is a personal expense, you cover what you want to eat, MUF will not stop you from going to get your own food, you are all adults.
Total: $365.00 + Food

Remember, the tickets must be paid for by the end of the month, but you will have a couple of months to pay up for the rest of the expenses. You do have time, but the sooner we get your money the more likely you are to be able to go, just keep that in mind. Here is all the information you will need for the trip.


When: 25-29 August, 2011
Where: Downtown Seattle, Washington
Why: Largest Civilian Video Game Expo in the United States
How: Like a BOSS

PLEASE! contact me with a heads up as to whether or not you are interested in going so that we can plan the traveling accordingly!

Best of luck to you all, and I hope to see you all there.

-Kelly Cool

P.S. - Keep an eye out for NEW MUF merchandise at the end of the month! Very Happy

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Men Under Fire Road Trip!! Midnightcopy-1
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Men Under Fire Road Trip!!
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