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 Guide to Nazi Zombies

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PostSubject: Guide to Nazi Zombies   Guide to Nazi Zombies Icon_minitimeSat Feb 19, 2011 12:45 pm

Found this on a site. Might be useful if we play Nazi Zombies

Zombie Health Per Round:

Zombies start with 150 health. With each round up to Round nine, they gain 100 health, ending up with 950.
Starting at round 10, the zombie health is multiplied by 1.1 with each round. At first, 1.1 isn't much, but it exponentially grows and becomes massive per round.

Round 01 = 150
Round 02 = 250
Round 03 = 350
Round 04 = 450
Round 05 = 550
Round 06 = 650
Round 07 = 750
Round 08 = 850
Round 09 = 950
Round 10 = 1045
Round 11 = 1150
Round 12 = 1264
Round 13 = 1391
Round 14 = 1530
Round 15 = 1683
Round 16 = 1851
Round 17 = 2036
Round 18 = 2240
Round 19 = 2464
Round 20 = 2710
Round 30 = 7030
Round 40 = 18234
Round 50 = 47295
Round 60 = 122673
Round 70 = 318183
Round 100 = 5552108 (5.5 million health)

Number of Zombies Per Round:

There can only be 24 zombies in the map at one time. Reserve zombies come in when existing ones are killed.

The maximum number of zombies is 24 for one player.
+6 for each extra player.

From Rounds 1 to 4, the number of zombies is limited by 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 multipliers.

Between rounds 5 and 9, there will be 24 (+6 per player) zombies.

At Round 10 and on, the zombie count increases exponentially with (Round Number * 0.15 = Multiplier)

Example of a two player game:
Round 16 * 0.15 = 2.4
2.4 * 30 = 72 zombiesWeapon Damage Data:

The first number is the Weapon's Max Base Damage (Base Damage x Max Ammo), the second number is the Weapon's Max Damage After Modifier (Max Base Damage x Max Modifier). To the right of the Weapon is the PaP'd version for quick camparisons of both it's Non PaP'd and Pap'd Versions.

So for example:

Weapon A (Max Base Damage, Max Damage after Modifier) vs PaP'd Version of Weapon A (Max Base Damage, Max Damage after Modifier)


CZ75 (23k,79k) vs Calamity (78k,273k)

Dual CZ75 (38k,126k) vs Calamity and Jane (108k,357k)

M1911 (2k,6k) vs Mustang and Sally (62k,310k)

Python (90k,135k) vs Cobra (108k,324k)

Sub Machine Guns:

AK-74u (22k,86k) vs AK-74fu2 (61k,304k)

MP5k (15k,60k) vs MP115 Kollider (34k,168k)

MP40 (22k,90k) vs The Afterburner (51k,256k)

MPL (14k,58k) vs MPL-LF (34k,168k)

PM63 (12k,48k) vs Tokyo and Rose (39k,175k)

Spectre (14k,54k) vs Phantom (35k,176k)

Assault Rifles:

AUG (42k,168k) vs AUG-50M3 (84k,489k)

Commando (45k,180k) vs Predator (84k,420k)

FAMAS (18k,72k) vs G16-GL35 (41k,203k)

FN FAL (32k,128k) vs EPC WN (94k,468k)

G11 (19k,77k) vs G115 Generator (50k,252k)

Galil (52k,210k) vs Lamentation (116k,578k)

M14 (11k,33k) vs Mnesia (42k,250k)

M16 (15k,60k) vs Skullcrusher (45k,225k)

Light Machine Guns:

HK21 (94k,281k) vs H115 Oscillator (189,567k)

RPK (65k,195k) vs R115 Resonator (113k,338k)

Sniper Rifles:

Dragunov (15k,150k) vs D115 Disassembler (90k,900k)

L96A1 (25k,250k) vs L115 Isolator (80k,800k)


HS-10 (54k,54k) vs Typhoid and Mary (230k,230k)

Olympia (27k,27) vs Hades (149k,149k)

SPAS-12 (51k,51k) vs SPAZ-24 (230k,230k)

Stakeout (58k,58k) vs Raid (168k,168k)


China Lake (13k,13k) vs China Beach (45k,45k)

M72 LAW (42k,42k) vs M72 Anarchy(150k,150k)

Wonder Weapons:

Ray Gun (180,180k) vs Porter's X2 Ray Gun (400k,2.0m)

Thunder Gun (~,~) vs Zeus Cannon (~,~)

Winter's Howl (~,~) vs Winter's Fury (~,~)


Ballistic Knife (3k,3k) vs The Krause Refibrillator (27k,27k)

Crossbow (200,200) vs Awful Lawton (750,750)

Grenades (3k,3k)

Sickle (~,~)
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Guide to Nazi Zombies
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