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 Re: Can one host their own internet providing server?

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Truthful Facade

Truthful Facade

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PostSubject: Re: Can one host their own internet providing server?   Fri Feb 11, 2011 8:42 am

OP and link of origin
Arcesious wrote:
I've wondered this often, and the terrible internet speed I have often aggravates me, given that I'm subscribed to the highest tier or internet speed from the 'best' provider in my area.

Yeah, it's Cox. And I want to be free of their terrible, unreliable servers. In fact, I would like to be free of having to subscribe to any internet provider company at all.

So, can I make my own internet server? What would be needed to have lagless access to the rest of the internet out there, for a personal, private, home-run server? Without having to run through the terribad public servers of a company like Cox?

It doesn't even have to be dedicated. I'd only need it on whenever I use the internet. And it wouldn't need to support any more that 4 internet-utilizing devices at any one time.

So, what's required for this endeavor? Is it even possible? Is it expensive to do?


My reply
hafelife wrote:
Every one else seem to have this handled but i would like to add another point.

You subscribe to a ISP service just like most states make you pull money from taxes to build and maintain roads. The action and processes of hosting ISP is so expensive that it would be Illogical to expect people to host there own. Even for a neighborhoods to host there own ISP is ridicules.

Us as consumers can look at the road system(Ex: public vs. private) of Arizona and California as an example. For the most part, Arizona road repair and upkeep comes from taxing, licensing fees, and so forth. In comparison to California, In which most of the road are underfunded because very little of the California tax dolors go to repair and maintenance of there roads. This produces a very noticeable decrease in quality as you drive over the Arizona/ California border.

Now If you take the same situation and apply it to the internet provided by isp services, you can see the problem. The only reason what we have now is usable, is because most areas that have internet access are dominated by one or two ISP services.

The other side of the coin is because ISP is not heavily regulated by the government ,or rather a uniform system of regulation and standards, what we do have is no at its max potential for the dolor you shell out for it.

I thought this was a rather interesting subject. I have made I reply and wanted to know what you all thought on it.


other interesting links

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PostSubject: Re: Re: Can one host their own internet providing server?   Fri Feb 11, 2011 8:46 am

Troll be trollin!


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PostSubject: Re: Re: Can one host their own internet providing server?   Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:50 pm

hmmmm yes yes i see.....interwebz is expensive......well it wont be a problem after the zombie apocalypse....and on other note my interwebz is good Arrow
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PostSubject: Re: Re: Can one host their own internet providing server?   

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Re: Can one host their own internet providing server?
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